May 2, 2012



CeCe McDonald just took a plea deal



from Dean Spade:

CeCe just took a plea deal—2nd degree manslaughter with a recommended 41 month sentence (actual sentencing hearing will be in a month). Horrifying to watch her forced to recount the events of her attack on the stand, to watch the judge speak to her condescendingly about how pulling scissors out of her purse as her attacker chased her down the street unlawfully endangered her attacker. This system is so disgusting. Still, I am inspired by her support team here in MN and people all over sending love.

How fucking awful that a woman can’t even defend herself. While the outcome is surely not the most ideal, at least that fucker is dead and can’t hurt anyone else.

biggest sigh. so fucking wrong.

does anyone know if we can send mail to the prison cece will be located in? i think we all need to show her how much we fucking love and support her.

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